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Fleshing Machine XL

Fleshing Machine XL 3x400 V

code no. 3220-020000


Fleshing Machine XL 3x220 V

code no. 3220-020220


The fleshing machine which has been highly recommended by CFC, among others...
This is one of the fastest fleshing machines on the market. Due to the extra fleshing system placed after the impellers this machine leaves the skin very dry. This machine is heavily constructed and built to give the best working positions. 

The main size of the minks has increased over the past years and therefore we introduce this new XL model, which has been extended with 20 cm, the beam hinge and the axel have also been reinforced. Excl. suction.


Max capacity: 300/hour.
Electricity 3 x 400/ 3 x 220 Volt + N + PE.
Air consumption 10 l/min and 8 bar.
L.: 440 cm. H.: 190 cm. W.: 100 cm.


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 Manual for Fleshing Machine XL 220 V

 Manual for Fleshing Machine XL 400 V

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